Hazard classification of waste materials

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Quick and free scan to assess whether your waste material is potentially hazardous? Use the ECN ClassifyMyWaste application and get a quick insight about potentially relevant hazard properties and substances that could lead to the classification of your waste as hazardous.

ECN ClassifyMyWaste is an easy to use and free application for fast initial assessment of heterogeneous waste materials such as bottom ash from municipal solid waste incinerators, steel slag, boiler ash, fly ash, etc. The only needed data is the elemental content of your material in order to use ClassifyMyWaste for a very quick prescreening of possible hazard according to the current European waste legislation. Using ECN ClassifyMyWaste, in a few minutes you have a free quick scan of your hazard classification and an advice for actions to be made. Use the benefits of free registration and get a summarizing report. This tool works also on your smartphone!

In case of questions, for advice and consultancy on using ClassifyMyWaste, please send your question or request to classifymywaste@ecn.nl.