What is ClassifyMyWaste, what can it do for you and who can use it

ClassifyMyWaste is developed by ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) for prescreening of hazard properties of waste materials and can give an insight about potential “problematic” hazard properties and substances that could render classification of waste as hazardous. ClassifyMyWaste can be used for fast initial assessment of heterogeneous waste materials such as bottom ash from municipal solid waste incinerators, steel slag, boiler ash, fly ash, etc (see waste categories and subcategories in the Classification page). It can be used by producers, owners or operators of waste plants and requires the knowledge of the elemental content in order to perform initial pre-screening of hazard properties. The only needed data is the elemental content of your waste in order to use ClassifyMyWaste for a very quick prescreening of possible hazard of your waste.

According to the regulations, there are 15 hazard properties that can render a waste hazardous. ClassifyMyWaste allows one to perform fast assessement of hazard properties HP 4 (irritant), HP 5 (STOT/Aspiration Toxicity), HP 6 (acute toxicity), HP 7 (carcinogenic), HP 8 (corrosive), HP 10 (toxic for reproduction), HP 11 (mutagenic), HP 13 (sensitizing), HP 14 (eco-toxic). Such prescreening is done assuming a worst case scenario (see the Background section). The only needed data is the elemental content of your waste, in order to perform worst case analysis of these hazard properties

For information on legislative documents that are used in waste classification, a user is referred to the Legislation section. Definitions and criteria for hazard properties that, according to current European regulations on waste classification, can render waste classification as hazardous, can be found in the Definitions and criteria section. More details how to use the elemental content in the assessment, can be found in the How to use ClassifyMyWaste section.

What can we do more for you?

The assessment of the hazard properties HP 1 (explosive), HP 2 (oxidizing), HP 3 (flammable), HP 9 (infectious), HP 12 (release of an acute toxic gas) and HP 15 (waste capable of exhibiting a hazardous property listed above not directly displayed by the original waste) is not included in ClassifyMyWaste. However the knowledge whether any of HP 1, HP 2, HP 3, HP 9, HP 12 and HP 15 can be displayed by material is also necessary in order to make a final classification as hazardous or non-hazardous waste. ECN can assist in the assessment of hazard properties HP 1, HP 2, HP 3, HP 9, HP 12 and HP 15 or provide the advice on their relevance for certain types of materials. In addition, the presence of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) has to be checked –and, if present, POPs need to be compared to the limit values defined by the POP regulation (see Legislation section). ECN can assist in performing this part of assessment.

At more advanced stage of the assessment, if worst case scenario or expert judgement indicate no potential hazard, ECN experts can help you to make an estimate how much the elemental content can be exceeded but still resulting in the classification as non-hazardous. Such option could help waste operators that periodically monitor the content of their waste, to avoid the need for the classification after every periodic check if waste elemental content remains within the estimated threshold values.

Note that only registered users will have an option to receive a complete report of the assessment via email or to download as a pdf file. The report will include the list of substances of concern per hazard property (if any), with a complete list of scientific references and legislative documents that were used in the assessment.

In case of questions, for advice and consultancy on using ClassifyMyWaste, please send your question or request to classifymywaste@ecn.nl